At the tender age of 5, Michael Thurston was hosting weekly television shows from his Paducah, Kentucky living room. Performing for his dedicated studio audience (or ‘studiaunce” as he referred to it) required many things: massive knowledge of popular song, technical expertise to musically perform these hits, the spontaneous entertainment qualities of a seasoned television host, and masterful comedic timing.

Sadly for his ‘studiaunce’, Thurston possessed only one skill -- superior toe-tapping.

Thankfully, he’s grown since then.

With degrees in Music and Television Production under his belt, little Michael Thurston has developed more than just cuteness and toe-tappin’. He’s continued his passion with numerous acting and television hosting courses at New York University.

Upon completing a highly successful 3-year stint as producer and host of the popular Jersey City talk show, Speaking OUT!, Thurston wished to parlay his success from Speaking OUT! to a new medium, reaching a greater audience. Out of this was born his new online project, the simmer. The newly launched project is a web series providing an insider's look at music.

In Thurston’s free time he enjoys studying jazz piano, attending live music performances and taking acting and improv classes.